SAE 20th Anniversary Contest

Contest Overview

A photography contest for works expressing the bond between people and their pets

Motivations for the contest

During the COVID pandemic, many more households welcomed new family members, including dogs and cats. The extended time that was spent inside led people to deepen their family bonds, making their pets an irreplaceable presence in their lives.
Therefore, by sharing these bonds – felt in heartwarming photographs of people and their pets communicating with each other – with as many people as possible, we would like to do our part in realising a healthy society that treasures both human-human relationships and human-pet relationships.

A photography contest for works expressing the bond between people and their pets, in four themes:

  • "Healthy life" category 
  • "Disaster prevention" category
  • "Living environment" category
  • "Appreciation for life" category

Application period

1st Sep 2022 (Thu) – 30th Nov 2022 (Wed)

Results announcement

23rd Dec 2022 (Fri)



Participation fee



  • Gold: 100AUD(1 person)
  • Silver: 50AUD(2 persons)
  • Bronze: 20AUD(5 persons)

*Awards will be given in each category.

Event organisation and the call for entries will be announced on the SAE website, in the SAE newsletter, and through the network of collaborating companies; selected entries will be announced in the January newsletter and on the SAE website.

Judging criteria

  • "Healthy life" category
    People and their pets living in a cheerful and healthy manner
  • "Disaster prevention" category
    How people are prepared to evacuate with their pets in the event of a disaster or other emergency
  • "Living environment" category
    A comfortable living environment for pets as well as people
  • "Appreciation for life" category
    The preciousness of life and the emotional bonds involved, based on themes such as old age, nursing care, handicaps, etc.

*Photography skills and techniques are not subject to judging. (There are no specifications for photographic equipment. Please feel free to use a smartphone or any other equipment that you are comfortable with.)

Points to note

  • Please state the name of the category in which your work is to be submitted.
  • Please state the theme of your photographic work.
  • There are no restrictions on when the photo was taken.
  • The photo must show both people and pets, and can be taken from any angle. They may only be partially visible as long as they are both visible.
    Acceptable examples:
    Only the hands of a person and the whole body of a pet is visible.
    People are photographed from the back, while pets are photographed from the front.

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1st Sep 2022 (Thu) – 30th Nov 2022 (Wed)

Apply for Contest

Entry requirements.

  • The application must be submitted online only (not by post or fax).
  • Multiple entries in the same category are not permitted.
  • Entries into multiple categories is permitted.

About the works

  • Each work should include your address, name and contact details (telephone number and email address).
  • All works must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG.
  • The image size must be less than 5 MB.
  • The photo competition is open to dogs, cats and small animals (ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, birds.).
  • Please do not submit composite images or anything processed to remove unwanted objects. General colour adjustments (density, saturation, white balance, etc.) and cropping are acceptable.


    Chairman of judges:
    Chairman of the Japan Society for Animal Specialty Education
    Judge member:
    Director of the Japan Society for Animal Specialty Education
    Representatives from sponsoring organisations


  • Please make sure to submit your own creative work.
  • Fees related to internet communication and connection during the competition are at the customer's expense.
  • Please contact your mobile phone company or manufacturer if you have any questions about the settings of your smartphone.
  • Entries that plagiarise or imitate photographs, paintings, works of art or decorative objects made by other people (or works that include other people's pets without their permission) are prohibited.
  • Entries that may infringe human rights, discriminate or defame are prohibited.
  • The secretariat reserves the right to cancel the entry or publication of any work that is found to be socially inappropriate or in breach of the regulations, and to exclude such works from the judging process.
  • Entries must be original works that have not been published in general or industry magazines.
  • Entries must not be duplicated in other competitions (including variations that use different angles, poses or decorations), nor may they be used in general or industry magazines.
  • Entries must be submitted in accordance with the specified information. Entries submitted with content other than that specified will be disqualified.
  • Entries will not be returned. The copyright of the works shall belong to the Japan Society for Animal Specialty Education.
  • The winners will be contacted via email by the Society, so please make sure that your email address can receive emails from the domain "".
  • The winners in the photography category may be asked to submit additional, higher resolution image data.
  • The Society will not be liable for any loss, liability, damage or expense claims arising from the entrant's portrait rights, copyright or other associated rights.
  • The Society will not be liable for any loss, liability, damage or expense claims arising from any violation of the rules and regulations.
  • The Society will publish the winning entries through various media (advertisements, websites, newsletters, etc.) without the prior consent of the entrant, so please obtain permission from the photographer and the subject pet’s owner before submitting your entry.
  • The Society will not accept any enquiries or objections regarding the judging process.

Handling of personal information

The Society will collect personal information by lawful and fair means. Personal information entered at the time of application will be used for the following purposes.

  • To contact you for the purpose of running the competition.
  • To send prize money, etc.
  • To inform you of seminars, events, etc. held by the Society.
  • Other purposes for which the customer has been notified and consented to in advance.

Personal information will not be provided, entrusted or disclosed to any third parties other than our subcontractors without the consent of the person concerned.
Requests for the disclosure, correction, deletion or cessation of use of personal information of the person concerned will be dealt with appropriately.
Enquiries about personal information can be made at the secretariat.
For any other information regarding the handling of personal information, please see the Privacy Policy.

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1st Sep 2022 (Thu) – 30th Nov 2022 (Wed)

Apply for Contest


(Postal Address in Australia)
PO BOX 20550 World Square, Sydney, NSW 2002 Australia